Jan Henriksson – Head of scouting and sales.

Janne is born -74 in north of Sweden and started out as an amateur trainer and blacksmith at Bodentravet. In the year of 2000, he moved and ran his stable at Jägersro, Malmö. Since 2016 the team is located at Fåröna, Kvänum – 25 minutes from Axevalla racetrack.

Horses warmest to the heart: One eyed mare Elsa Ur Dijon, qualifying to Breederscrown as 3 and 4 years old. And Carl Hoka, first win as trainer.

Driver Champion: Tingsryd -09

Jeanet Årman –  Head of Rehabilitation and training.

Jeanet is born -83. She went to a horse gymnasium and started working in trotting stables at an early age and later got her trainer and driver’s license at Gävletravet.

She Moved to Skåne for further education in 2009 and worked with an effective massage method that focuses on the deep muscles and the early causes of the problem and lameness in horses, Rehabilitation, and training.

Horse warmest to the heart: Sparkled Face with whom they set the Swedish Record in long-distance. And the “stable star” Cayucos.

Fåröna Camp – 25 minutes to Axevalla

Fåröna Camp provides a: 1200 m straight track  –  8 km sand track  –  Deep sand track for riding  –  Outdoor boxes and big paddocks.

We also have a round corral, Horse-Trainer, and the lake next to the farm is used for swimming with the horses in the summertime. Contact us for a tour.